How do companies succeed, systematically preparing themselves for a digital future? How can existing business models be transformed into platform-compatible, data-based business opportunities? What do organizations need to strengthen to make themselves fit for the future?

Together with the European Big Data Value Association, the Technical University of Munich and Siemens AG, we have developed a procedure that answers these questions. The Data Business Innovation Board is a toolset that enables companies to prepare for their digital future in a sustainable and well-founded way. This theory-based innovation engine provides the necessary orientation knowledge and offers a tried-and-tested approach that enables companies to systematically prepare for the challenges of digital platform economics.

We would like to share this knowledge. We are moved by the question of how such an innovation engine can succeed in conveying the necessary know-how to as many people as possible in order to move in an increasingly polarized society "above the algorithm" - that is, to shape this society instead of, with the game console in hand, to be rationalized by smart machines.

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