Tools for riding the algorithms.

The current work of the foundation focuses on the changes in our working world, which the keyword “digitization” describes in a rather inadequate and belittling way. In a society whose everyday life is more and more determined by globally networked data streams, the question of „above or below the algorithm“ is becoming a decisive way marker.
Who determines and shapes the rules of the game for our future?

Control your destiny.

Or someone else will.

In order to put companies, their decision-makers and an interested workforce in the best possible position not only to suffer the digital reorganization of their business processes and models passively, but also to actively (co) shape this upheaval, the foundation has worked with selected cooperation partners, developed a comprehensive set of tools with which the immense potential of data-driven innovations can be successfully exploited.

The Digital-Driven Innovation Framework is a scientifically researched and time-tested procedure with which all relevant dimensions of digital innovations can be systematically processed and implemented in practice. In this way, organizations can prepare themselves and their own business prudently and with foresight for an inevitable digital future.

“Cabeça vazia é oficina do diabo.”

The foundation also sees this project as a contribution to directing the social upheavals that always accompany every far-reaching technological change in a constructive way.

Not only history, but also the current political present shows: If people feel excluded from such upheavals, this inevitably leads to social dissatisfaction and a retreat into the manageable territories of their own self-assurance.

Exclusion, radicalization and the speechlessness of simplifying narratives are then the back of the coin with which autocrats, populists and national ideologies buy their way into the middle of society. Their short-sighted recipes fit well into the colorful chirping of 140 characters - their contribution to a sustainable future is however limited. The pleasure in the warming halo of times long past makes it clear once more: Those who have the solution have a problem. 

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