The future has already started. Not everywhere yet.

Where are we standing? 

The The Next Society Foundation sees itself as a pioneer for the confrontation with our own future. Wherever possible, it initiates appropriate initiatives or intensifies existing activities.

It brings together entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and executives who see themselves as socio-political activists: people whose interests are the active ones Design and renewal of social connections is. For this target group, the foundation wants to be a source of inspiration and home port at the same time. It sees itself not only as a kind of "third place", where ideas are further developed beyond existing particular interests and central questions are deepened.

What moves us?

The question „above or below the algorithm“ is becoming more and more a decisive waymarking for our society. Who determines and shapes the rules of our future? And what is the impact of all the abstract algorithms that begin to dominate our lives and everyday lives without us noticing? 

The foundation has set itself the goal of making its own contribution to education here. And with the help of tools that allow people to actively shape the "Data-Driven Transformation" of our everyday lives. 

For this purpose, the foundation is networked with accomplices, who also work on effective strategies of change and also follow their words with deeds.



Ein Portraitbild von Bernhard Krusche in schwarz-weiß

Bernhard                    Krusche

Dr. Bernhard Krusche is managing director of the foundation. As an ethnologist, organizational consultant and author, he has been dealing with questions of the innovative capacity of organizations and their management in the context of digitization and value change for almost 20 years.

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Prof. Dr. Sonja Zillner has been working for over 10 years at Siemens AG as an expert in global innovations and projects in the artificial intelligence sector. She holds 20 patents in data-analyzing technologies and is the author of more than 60 scientific publications.

Portraibild von Thomas Sattelberger in schwarz-weiß

Thomas         Sattelberger

Thomas Sattelberger was a manager in four Dax 30 companies, including nearly 15 years in board functions at Deutsche Telekom, Continental and Lufthansa. His urge to change for a more equitable next society continues unabated today.

Ein Portraibild von Jonathan Imme in schwarz-weiß


Jonathan Imme is a creative event architect with a penchant for exceptional formats. His passion lies in the development of tools for a digital workflow.

Ein Portraibild von Gesche Joost in schwarz-weiß


Gesche Joost is Professor of Design Research at the Berlin University of the Arts and head of the Design Research Lab. From March 2014 to June 2018 she was nominated as "Digital Champion" in the European Parliament. Since 2015 she is a member of the supervisory board of SAP.

Ein Portraibild von Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker in schwarz-weiß


Dirk Baecker is a sociologist and dean of the Faculty of Cultural Reflection at the University of Witten / Herdecke. His work on the Next Society forms the theoretical foundation for the foundation's work.

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